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The Roll ‘n’ Recycle website is a place where you’ll find everything you need to know about recycling plastic pouches that carry the unique Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark.

The Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark explains when and how a plastic pouch can be recycled at kerbside.

Plastic pouches that do not include the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark may be recyclable at drop-off bins at the front of the major retail stores. Please check the REDcycle website for information about this program in Australia and New Zealand

About Us

Roll ‘n’ Recycle® is a certification program managed by PREP Design Pty Ltd. PREP Design owns the PREP, which was developed in association with Planet Ark and the packaging and recycling industries for use in Australia and New Zealand as a recyclability design guide and classification system for on-pack recyclability claims; the PREP will shortly be adapted for the UK with further expansion plans being well progressed.

The Mark can currently be applied to certified pouches sold in Australia, New Zealand, the EU and the USA. The program will be extended for use in other countries as the Trade Mark registration process is extended

Basis for Recyclability Claim

Recycling can be confusing so we’ve outlined the approach that is used to ensure the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark is only applied to flexible plastic pouches that will be acceptable to recyclers.

This assessment methodology is included in the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal ( Companies wishing to use the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark need to have completed a PREP assessment and provided a copy of the report.

Click on each of the key questions below to uncover the answer:

Yes, once the pouch has been rolled it can be classified as ‘rigid plastic’ as it is now self supporting.
Also, 85% of Councils allow polymers 1-7, which covers the primary materials used in pouches.
Yes, the pouch will be longer enough to travel across this screen
Yes, the rolled pouches will be sorted similarly to plastic bottles
Yes, we ensure that the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark is only included on these types of pouches.

Certified Products

Plantic Technologies is a division of Kuraray. The company has developed a stand up pouch that includes a Plantic layer between two layers of polyethylene (PE).

The pouch, with the inclusion of a resealable tab, is classified by the PREP as recyclable when rolled up by the consumer.

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